Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pretty mummy

This morning, we went to Kiara Park with WSL and Ryan gave me his feedback after seeing her as "auntie SL not pretty today bcos she didn't wear a dress"

This is not the first time that he has given comments like these about my friends after an outing together. And so, some of my friends already know that some sort of comments will come when the outing ends.

After a quick afternoon nap, Ryan was in his usual happy mood and was posing for some photos I was taking. Then he came over to my side and said "Mummy, picture (short for taking a photo) me and mummy together." I was in my hair clips and was feeling like I was going to pengsan from all the work, so I said I am not pretty today in the picture. His reply "No mummy, you are very pretty today" ... while stroking my face too!

Ok ok, so my son is bias and the following photo came to be - so is mummy pretty or not?


io said...

bias la.. :p

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Ryan...U prettier than WSL la. *blink blink*