Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 30

I am a little confused about the week I am in.
Some websites say that I am in Week 30, some say Week 31 ... so I am somewhere there.

At this time, I have been relatively active and can still go for my shopping walks, except that after a while, I feel really tired and will lose the mood to shop. So, I have to shop for all the necessities before I shop for the rest.

I also have better stamina than the first pregnancy, not sure if it is because I have Ryan to deal with or the trips to the gym paid off.

With the first one, I was nervous with the all the fuss and the care and the worries about the baby. With this one, I am less nervous with the baby care, but more worried with the finances and of course the health of the baby.

Nowadays, I spend more time reading about investment books and parenting books rather than baby care or motherhood books. Sometimes I feel guilty, like I am taking the baby for granted, but I was assured that it is because I am already a "seasoned' mother.

With this one, I also feel that I am eating more, this morning I ate more than hubby during breakfast!

We'll see what the doctor says in the next couple of days during my routine gynae visit.

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