Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No, that is my little sister!

When Ryan was very little, he used to have a fascination with his poo. There was once where he poo-ed in my mum’s house and decided to plaster it on the wall. When my mum found out, she said that if he did it again, she would hang him on the crane. Naturally, it never happended again.

Last week, during one the many conversations, my mum told Ryan that if the baby does the same thing, she would also hanged the her on the crane. Ryan was shaking his head while answering “No, you cannot hang her. She is my baby sister. I will take a paper and throw the ng-ng in the toilet and then use the wet tissue to clean the wall. You cannot hang her. She is my sister!”

I was so proud to hear that. Hopefully he will also be as protective as now when the baby is finally out.

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