Saturday, November 22, 2008

Major nesting phase

When I was pregnant with Ryan, the only thing that was out of norn was that I must be silent by 11pm and must be out of bed by 7am, else I would get major kicks from Ryan.

This time round, I feel that my nesting phase is super dominant. I have started cleaning like 2 weeks ago and I even have a list of to-do things which gets a date next to it.

Seriously, I did not even bother with it the last time round, just thought that all is well and clean. Now, I feel like I do not have enought time to do it all. This is despite having Wati to help me out - groan.

Today, after a walk in the park with WSL, I came back and started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning - just managed to sit down and do some blogging and chatting. I was up and down the step-chair the whole day. There were some periods of time that I thought I was going to force the baby to come out with all the stepping and lifting and moving. But luckily, all is well, although there is some pain noted, somewhere.

On Wednesday, I actually had a contraction at the office, then it went away. Not sure what I did that day, but some cleaning and rushing of data took place. Today, after the park, I also noticed some mild contractions, but it went off.

Hope my cleaning today will not trigger anything tonight .... till tomorrow then and another round of cleaning ...

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