Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Jusco related post ...

Ok, I am not sure if they will remove/ ammend this link, but at the moment, it is hilarious. Click here to see what I mean.

I was trying to see what I could redeem with 10,000 points seeing that they will expire by the end of the year and I found that their item descriptions do not match the picture.

So, what they have done is to call an item 15kg Chrome Dumbell Set for 12,000 points, but showed a picture of a pink hair dryer. And another item called VALENTINO Ladies Handbag w/Purse but is a picture of a cordless phone.

Now, you would have read about my ordeal with them, plus something from Shopping & Sales Queen and now, I found out that even their website is stupid.

Honestly, someone should whack some sense into them about upkeeping their image perception because at the moment it sounds something like this - slow staff, silly policies, incompetent, badly managed website etc.

Hmm ... should I still venture to their store in an attempt to exchange my points? Wonder what stupid policies/ treatment will I be subjected to??

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Jane said...

OMG.. the webmaster should have been fired 100 years ago for this.