Monday, December 1, 2008

My Starbucks 2009 diary

I have attempted to sustain a diary for many many years now and I have always been very disappointed with myself for not being able to do that successfully. The excitement of it all - finding a new diary, filling out the details, putting in the important dates etc - usually fizzles out by the third day or so. And then I wonder, what had started it all.

Last year, there was this motivation tape that I was listening to which prompted me to re-think about the entire concept of diary as I know it. Instead of just writing in the history of the day, it should also contain future actions, plans, concepts, little things that excites me, memories etc. And so, I looked around.

One day at Starbucks, I was buying one of my "once in a blue moon" coffe and this little diary was staring at me. And I knew I just had to have it. After downing many litres of coffee, I got my hands on this. And I have managed to sustain this for 2008. Look how worn out it is now? I had to tape the sides together so that it will still bind together!

For 2009, I again embarked on a search for my ideal diary, one that probably says "Busy mum's diary" or "Diary for the woman on the go". As if to answer my call, today, there was a Starbucks ad in The Sun which was promoting their diaries - pay RM18 on top of a grande drink - and you will get this leather bound diary.
I was very excited and spent a good 30 minutes marvelling at the diary before putting in those little details on contacts, important dates, leave plan etc.
The next thing to put in? My 2009 resolutions - and this is something I have always put up, but cannot achieve. In 2009, I will have the achievement of my resolution as my top top priority. And it cannot get any easier than penning it down in my lovely Starbucks diary.

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umi's cup cake said...

where can i get a starbucks diary 2009 like you..nice looking and i like it...could you help in getting one?