Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas week

This week, I will be at my mum's place. It's Christmas week and I thought that it will be fun to stick around. My parents have a big Christmas tree that Ryan will have fun with - and that does not necessarily mean decorating it.

From the time we arrived last night till now, half the ornaments are missing. And all the streamers are on the floor - Ryan had used it to dance to the Christmas music!

I always enjoy myself here because mum usually takes care of the cooking and so, I do not need to think much. Besides, here I can really rest because I am not allowed to do much housework. I usually want to throw things away and hence, mum says "Stop!"

I also have additional pair of hands/ ears for Ryan and that is great since I am not the only who gets asked "Why? Why? Why?"

Hubby was a dear again for sending us to my mum's despite being tired from work last night. He has since left for home and he will be without us for the week. I am not sure if Ryan will start to whine for his daddy tonight like he usually does.But I take it as a sign that he is getting closer to his dad. It is great to see that although the whining can sometimes be too much to bear.

Anyway, after this week at my mum's, I will be back home with another 2 weeks to go before the new baby arrives. In that 2 weeks, we will have to finish all the cleaning, attend Ryan's orientation session and send him to his first day at KG4. A trip to the dentist is also scheduled, besides visits to the gynae. Phew, still so much to do!

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