Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you dear

Ryan was crying to go to the pool for many days now. I have told him that I cannot bring him because I am too big and also, I have been too tired.

This morning, his cries turned to wails. And it was heart breaking, although I did ignore him. I told hubby to come home earlier so that he can bring him to the pool. Ryan's wailing did not despite me explaining to him that it is dangerous for me to go to the pool, I might slip and fall. His response was that I can hold on to the raillings and then walk carefully. So sweet, but I was still reluctant to go.

I was counting on hubby to come back, usually he does not, because of various commitments and customers etc. However, today, he made it home in time for the little boy. Ryan was full of happiness and I am sure he enjoyed it very much.

Seeing the happiness they both had was just touching for a mother like me, esp. in my current pregnant state. Thank you dear for doing that for Ryan, for me.

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