Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reply from Jaya Jusco

Jusco replied to my mail which was sent yesterday after my unpleasant experience. Read here for the previous day's incidence.

Their reply was standard and it goes like this ...

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for contacting AEON Careline.

We have receive your email and we appreaciate for the suggestion/feedback.

With regards to the matter that you highlighted, on behalf of Jusco Mid Valley we sincerely apologise for the inconvinience caused.

Pleased be assured that the relavent department will look into this matter, and to ensure such incident would not be repeated again.

We appreciate if you could furnish us with a few details as required below in order for us to assist you better in future. 1) Contact Number 2) JCard (If any)

Rest assured that your best interest is our utmost priority.

For futher enquiries, please contact us at or 1-300-80-3535.
We looking forward to serving you better. Thank You.

See, the Engrand also wrong. My boy can speak better tenses than that.
I have already given them my contact number and JCard number ... let's see what they do about it.

And apparently, our best interest is ther utmost priority. Does that explain why I was told to go to their HQ to apply for a supplementary card for my husband??


HUBUNGI KAMI DI :- said...

Salam sejahtera... apa khabar? silalah layari blog AI SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE

Penny said...

You may end up getting some Jusco vouchers as a form of their apology. And then you gotta queue all over again at the cashier to make use of those vouchers! Hahaha...

Busy Bee said...

Penny - I dread if that happens. They will hear no end to my complaints then and the cycle will go on and on and on ....

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday 18/1/09, I bought two pieces of Tepayki chicken wing and one thigh from Jaya Jusco at I-Utama. I found that the one prepared by Jaya Jusco at Mid Valley is more tasty than the one sold at 1-Utama. Can you advise why there is such a different in taste?