Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Packing my bag

Well, one of the last things to do just before the big day arrives is to have my maternity bag packed. The last time we had Ryan, I do not remember having my bag packed, I just remembered we had most of what we needed, but I do not remember packing it ... strange.

This time, I googled about it and have most of the things I need on list. Tomorrow, I will start packing and have it ready in the car. I am pretty excited about this week and I am not sure how I will survive next week with all this anticipation.

A friend of mine just gave birth last Sunday and the night before, she was still wide awake and talking to me, telling me how nervous and excited she is and how sleep is not going to come soon. I had jokingly said I will get some wine to help with that potential problem.

I am also going to involve Ryan in this process, it will help him understand why mummy will not be around for a few days while I am in the hospital. I just hope that he will not feel like I have deserted him to be with his little sister.

Now, I just hope that the bag I have picked out is big enough to fill all the things I had planned on bringing.


Penny said...

I'm sure Ryan will understand that you need to recuperate at the hospital after "taking out the baby", hehe. And how big a bag are you planning on bringing? Are you planning to bring your books too?! Surely you won't have that much time on hand for much recreation.

Busy Bee said...

Penny - Guess what?? Ryan was crying when I told him about my stay and he said he wanted his sister to always stay in my stomach so that he does not need to be apart from me!!
Looks like it will be a difficult one for him, and me too.

Penny said...

Oh no!! That's so unexpected since he's been so eagerly waiting for his little sister to arrive!!