Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow, it has been a very quick 2008, and it is now 2009 already!

Last night, I had allowed Ryan to stay up to watch the fireworks and he was very excited about it. At first he said he was afraid because he had thought that we were going to KLCC for a close-up view.

I had thought about how we were going to celebrate the night and ended up having a DVD (Fantastic 4) to watch with the lights turned down, some chips, wine (juice for Ryan) and some cheese cake at the stroke of midnight.

It was a simple celebration but it meant a lot to us, me especially. It was so lovely to see all of us together and Ryan and hubby were shouting themselves hoarse with cheers of HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Looking forward to next year's celebration with the new addition to the family.

Happy New Year everyone!

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