Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Animals in the family

In the recent weeks, Ryan has taken to animals to identify himself and us.

It began with calling me a hippo and then to Melman and now, I am the mummy dinosaur while he is the baby dinosaur.

The way that he addresses us is so cute, for example "I love you mummy dinosaur" or he will say "I miss you mummy dinosaur" or, "Where is papa dinosaur?"

His dad sometimes is called a Giant too. And what is his baby sister called? "Baby baby dinosaur!"


Kiasu Mom said...

That's so cute. For some weird reasons, kids love to do that. When my niece was 3, she identified herself as Baby Bop while her mom is BJ and her dad is Barney!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....the same goes to Kyrie. Mommy is mommy dragon and she's baby dragon. Her sister is mei mei dragon and daddy is Giant!!


Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - Haha ... I just love the things that kids can think about saying to us. It is so exciting.

Cowie - So you have dragons in the family huh? That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

We have 3 dragons and a GIANT at home. If she's watching "My Friends, Tigger & Pooh", then she's Tigger, Hallie is Pooh, mommy is Darby, Popo is Ergo, Maid is Rabbit and lastly, Papa is Tortoise!!! Hahaha...