Monday, January 5, 2009

First day at school 2009

Today is the first day of school. Ryan was fussing a little this morning, but in the end still managed to get him out with relatively little problems.

Today marks a brand new chapter in Ryan's school life - he moves up the school to an "upstairs" class and he begins a new adventure in reading and writing.

We went with him because Ryan had insisted on daddy and mummy to see his new class. Upon reaching, he spotted his class mate and took her hand. Despite asking him to wait for me, he proceeded with his friend and walked up to class without looking back!!!

Of course hubby and I still went up to see his class, but I do not think that he was aware of it since he was already busy with playing and talking to his friends. Hubby shrugged and then we left. Talk about how important we are!

Anyway, I am on leave and so I will be picking Ryan up from school and then head down to a fatty lunch before going home. I think I will leave him with nanny cause I am so sleep deprived now.

Looking forward to listening to his stories later today.


victor said...

Hope you kid Ryan will have a wonderful morning in school.

Kiasu Mom said...

Hi Busy Bee,

I got to know about you from Life As a Mummy :-). Just found out that you're going to have your 2nd baby soon. Congrats! I still could not forget the day when I had Hayley. That was almost 11 months ago, time flies... she didn't engage as well and I ended up having c-sec. I also had infection 2 weeks later and the bill, I don't even want to talk about it.. hahaha.

BTW, I added you to my blog list. Hope to read more about your little girl. And I salute you for bf until 2+ years. I only managed to bf for 8 mths :-( and you are so right, we didn't have the support needed to bf. What a shame..

Busy Bee said...

Victor - Thanks for dropping by. And yes, Ryan did have a wonderful morning today. He was very excited about it and only stopped relating when he fell asleep in the car.

Kiasu Mom - Have added you on my blog list too. Having kids has been one great adventure for me and the family. I am really looking forward for my girl's arrival and will definitely share my experiences esp. on the breastfeeding part!