Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prison Break

In the last couple of weeks, I have been hooked on Prison Break. It started the week I was back home at my mum's. Bro bought all the 3 seasons and we sat down to watch the first DVD - I was hooked!

Although this is not a new series, I never really fancied it because for one, it was a continuous drama and I hate to wait a week later to find out what happened and then the other reason was that it was supposedly quite dull (from what I heard).

But fortunately, it turned out to be quite exciting and I was even watching it in the hospital. The drama follows the story of brothers - one, an innocent man sentenced to death for a crime he was framed with and the other, a genius with a mind like no other who purposely got himself into the same prison as his brother in order to break him out. While it seems to be a relatively simple story, it has gone off on a different direction which leads to many questions and many many breath taking moments.

The drama cast is very good, with a good mix of characters and personalities. I really like Wentworth Miller - he has a very good set of eyes and a lean, mean figure. It also helps that his wardrobe in the movie brings out his built very well.

I am really looking forward to the 4th season, supposedly the last one they will have. When it comes out, you can be sure I will be hooked on it again. Hubby seems to think that it is a "bad" movie because it teaches people how to break out of prisons. My take? It's just a darn movie with a good looking actor, my dear!!!

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