Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Countdown - 2 nights to go

I have 2 more nights to go before I see my baby. My nesting instinct has been running havoc in me and I just cannot stop cleaning. Hubby remarked that I was stressing him out with all these cleaning and washing. My washing machine has been washing up to 3 loads a day and I am running out of places to hand the laundry .... dryer machine, here I come!!

This morning I spent a good 2 hours going through Ryan's toys and washing/ wiping them. Then I got to the study room and spent more hours going through my magazines and books. All the while with a wet cloth in hand.

With Ryan, this instinct did not surface and as a result, I had to come back to a messy house after I was discharged. This time, I had planned the cleaning out over 6 weeks and yet, with 2 nights more to go, I am still not done!!

How am I feeling? Big, to begin with, although I did not put in the minimum required weight. And I feel like I have a moving stone in my belly cause every single movement in there is felt up my spine. Luckily, these 2 nights I was able to sleep quite a bit. But I still wake up feeling tired. I really think that age has something to do with it.

And I have also been thinking about Coke quite frequently. So, I had one yesterday and was yearning for another today, but got it replaced with ABC. Ahh ... the coldness is just so so soothing.

Well, 2 more nights to go. Bags are packed. Ryan is well taken care off. Food preparation looks ok too. Should really be better than the last confinement. At least not wanted people are not staying in .... I am so bad!!!


WSL said...

BAD indeed!

godd luck babe!

Kiasu Mom said...

Busy Bee, I was just like you when I had my first bb. Cleaning the house, doing all the laundry and restocking the house with supplies days before the baby was scheduled to arrive. As I was confining in my mom's place, my hubby was left alone to man the house so I had to make sure everything is in order before I disappear for weeks. So I did exactly what you said and was quite happy to come back to a clean house and he even did his own laundry (things he will never do when I am home):-)

Anyway, good luck with the labour. Hope you have a smooth one :-)

Busy Bee said...

WSL - Thanks. Missing you on the day before my delivery though. You still have time to change your mind and come over ; )

Kiasu Mom - Haha ... this cleaning is nature's way of keeping us in shape prior to delivery I think. And I still have shelves I have not clean yet!!