Friday, January 2, 2009

Another week to go

I have another week to go before my little baby arrives in my arms. I am terribly nervous and cannot seem to have all these things sorted in my mind.

Today, I went to the gynae's and he told me that the baby is not even engaged yet although I am 38 weeks along. This would have been very worrisome for me if I were to plan for a natural birth. Luckily, it is not a concern now, nor is the size. I actually put on 1 kg in the last 3 days! Scary, this one may be even bigger than Ryan!

I also proceeded to pre-register myself at the hospital, booking a single room for myself. It cost a little more but then I figured, it is not like I am going to give birth every year, right? So, why not pamper myself a little? For sure I can use the peace and quiet I will have. But then, it is not a guarantee that I will have it although I booked a week in advance. Let's see then.

I also found out that the total charges is enough to pay for Ryan's one and half years' worth of school fees. Hubby almost fell off his chair. Phew, delivering a kid is certainly not for the faint hearted, the charges are enough to just give you a fatal heart attack! This does not even include the amnio tests, triple tests, pre post natal checks, vitamins, maternity wear, nursing wear, baby kit, baby clothes etc. I was telling a friend that all these things are enough to just bankrupt us for life.

Stamina wise, I have been feeling tired a lot lately. But that has not stopped me from my nesting instinct, so I clean and clean and clean ... till my daily helper got a little stressed and told me to stop climbing up and down!!

Well, I guess that I have everything covered for now. The only thing is that I have to convince Ryan that it is ok when I stay at the hospital for a few days. He was insisting that he does not need his sister out and was happy to let her stay in my stomach because he does not want me to be apart from him. Poor guy was so sad yesterday when I told him that he cried ... and my hormones were in an overdrive and so, I also started to cry with him. Didn't help matters, so have to continue talking to him for the next one week and hopefully, he will be alright. .

And so, the countdown begins ....


maggie said...

hey babe, good luck on 9th Jan ya!! xx

Jane said...

All the best!