Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 weeks on ...

It has been weeks since Megan's arrival, but the memory of it seems like it only happened yesterday.

In the last 2 weeks, we, as a family, have been adjusting rather well to Megan's presence. We just got her Chinese name yesterday and have not decided how to spell it in her birth cert. Tomorrow is the due date for her MyKid card, failling which we will have to pay a penalty again. The last time with Ryan, we took a good month to decide on his name. This time, although we have the name ready, hubby was too busy with work to go, looks like we have to pay the penalty again.

The first week was a little chaotic - both because I was recovering and another, because I was still unsure about how I was going to cope after my mum goes home. This week though, things are looking rather ok. My wound does not hurt as much, the daily helper is doing well, hubby is also coping well with the daily routine and Ryan's schedule. Ryan, surprisingly, took on his big brother role rather smoothly and remains protective of his little sister.

Cooking wise, well, I think that department needs some improvement from my side la. But I am still eating confinement food and I am still practising some of the pantang-larang ... loosely though ; ) but still hanging in there.

My trip to the gynae also went well and we are scheduled to see him in another weeks. We will be seeing the pard tomorrow, just for a review that everything is alright. I was more anxious with Ryan, but now, have been able to keep my cool with Megan. At least I do not sweat excessively whenever she cries! With Ryan, I had to keep my hanky by my side whenever he cried because I would look like I am bathing!

And oh ya, no MIL also mean that I have less to complain and that means I am happier this time round. Looking forward to Week 3 starting tomorrow, can't wait for the 4th week!!!

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