Monday, January 19, 2009

My mum is leaving today

After 11 days with me, my mum will be leaving for home today.

She was here on the morning of my delivery and have stayed on ever since to help with the baby and me and the cooking bit, which was the main focus.

My mum was also with me the first time round and at that time, it was more hectic, with my double pains and a crying baby who demanded to be fed every hour. I also had more pantang food then because it was my first time and I was really in pain. Every pantang I hear of, I will keep to it. As a result, I was downright miserable!!

This time though, I decided that I should be happy undergoing my pantang period and not let myself be subjected to silly beliefs which would hamper my happiness and joy of welcoming the little one. Luckily, my mum was quite relaxed too as she herself did not undergo silly rituals and she is still healthy in her 60's.

Today, she will be going home to prepare for the CNY and I will be alone with my baby. It certainly feels different without her as she can be quite loud when she talks and that provides some energy in the house. Without her, the house can be quite quiet.

My dad came to KL last night to celebrate his birthday with us. He will be driving my mum home today. He also brought along kilos of ginger and black fungus and eggs for me. Together, they are an amazing pair. They are truly what being parents are all about. True, sometimes, they can also be less than angelic, but then, some parents couldn't care less too.

Thank you mum for all the hard work, thank you dad for all the effort too. I am sitting here wondering if I would do the same thing for Ryan and Megan when they have families of their own.

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