Thursday, January 15, 2009

After a week

So fast and it has been a week since Megan arrived. It seemed only yesterday that I went into that horrifying state of being uncertain and all. Thankfully, it all worked out.

So, what has been happening?

To begin with, life is a whole lot busier with a pre-schooler and a baby. This is especially during sleep time. I still have to manage Ryan and his reading sessions as well as putting him to bed. Hubby will then deal with Megan, or she will be asleep by then.

My wound does not hurt as much as before and I have been able to move around better. My tummy is about the same though - Ryan was wondering why after Megan is out, it is still so big.

Appetite wise, I think I am eating lesser than the previous confinement. Have no intention of getting fat, so have to control a bit more. But I do not feel like eating much anyway. Most of the things are soupy and not high in carbs.

The breastfeeding experience has also better this time. While I was struggling the last time, this time it was just easy. I don't think the infant formulae companies will like me very much.

Stamina wise, this time it is also better than the last time. I am not sure if it is because of gym, but I feel less tired and more strength to endure the day. Also, I feel more active this time, not really wanting to sleep or lie down etc.

Megan is a dear now, she eats, sleep and poop - most of the time. Her wake-up times are not much, she just takes in her surroundings and then she will cry for her milk and then doze off.

Ryan is also a dear, there does not seem to be ill feelings towards the sister. If at all, he has been very protective of her, but keeps on thinking that she will suddenly stand and play with him. So, there is a little mis-expectations there.

Overall, the week has gone by rather quickly. Tomorrow the stitches will be removed and Megan will be due for a review next week. Life with kids do zoom by quickly, which is why we should treasure every moment of it.

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