Friday, January 30, 2009

3 weeks now ...

Time flies by quickly now and Megan is 3 weeks old already.

This week has been particularly tough for me as I have to juggle between Ryan and Megan without my mum. Although hubby is around, his help is limited with the kids. Thank goodness the daily Indon lady is around to help with most of the housework. She is indeed God sent.

Megan is now forming her own schedule, although older folks say that it is not good to count your chicks before they hatch. So, I am just going to keep mum about her forming schedule ; )

2 days ago, I was holding her in my arms and was smiling at her. Found that she actually smiles back! I am sure it was not just a coincidence because I notice she actually sees your face before she responds. It was the sweetest smile yet.

Ryan has been a dear, but his excitement can be a little daunting. He is so overly excited and concern about Megan that it did get him into some trouble with his dad. But, the killing part for me was when Ryan wanted me to respond to his Legos, or his blocks, or his drawings etc. when I have my hands full with Megan. Although I did not want to deprive him of his attention, the whole thing can be overwhelming, esp. when I did not get sufficient sleep and Megan is screaming for attention.

Where is my husband in all this? Let's just say that his presence sometimes add more to my stress levels!!

Other than that, I am doing ok. Been reading a bit and been on the net quite a bit. The wound is healing well and I am so, so looking forward to next weekend when full moon is here and I officially can get out of the house without being lectured. I am also looking forward to not having to bathe in the herbal water - it is just creating havoc to my towels!!!

My full moon celebration?? I still have the week to think about it, ya?

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Kiasu Mom said...

It is different handling 2 eh?! :-)

I am also terrified at the thought of having 2 and whether I will be able to juggle them fairly.

Good to know that your wounds are healed now. When I had c-sec last time, I had infections etc and it took me longer than 1 month to feel comfortable. Pathetic.