Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good days to start work this year

According to my feng shui master, there are 4 days which are supposedly good to start work - the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th day of CNY.

As I will still be in confinement in all these days, I am just wondering how am I going to commence my start work day? And the answer came when my boss sent me some files to review - I will review that and send him my thoughts and count that as my start day ; )

When did you start work? Are you particular about it?


Kiasu Mom said...

I also followed la haha. I am on leave the whole week but I was supposed to start work on Day 3 so I literally logged in to my work email, replied to some emails and did some work and pretend to have started work on that day lor.. haha.

Although I am not that strong a believer but I do try to follow if its not too troublesome so I have no regrets later ;-)

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - Yup, I also believe better to follow if it is not too troublesome than to have regrets. Have a great year ahead!

Penny said...

I'm on leave the entire CNY period too, so I'm also wondering how to start work on my supposedly auspicious day. I can't log in to work email! :( How?!