Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Managing without my mum

I must admit that the thought of NOT having my mum around during my confinement had scare me a little initially. However, in the 24 hours that she has been gone, things are looking to be manageable. The only part which seems to allude me is the fact that I cannot cook like she does. My meals do not seem to be so aromatic and certainly not as hot as those she prepares.

I had to juggle between Megan and my cooking. Sometimes, she cries in the middle of my cooking and I have to go attend to her. By then time I am done, the food is already cold, but I eat it anyway, silently wishing my mum was here.

I am also missing the extra pair of hands which can miraculously cradle Megan to sleep. Yeah, I think her has scream of magic while mine seems to make Megan a little uncomfortable - don't know why though.

And oh yes, I am also missing her sometimes crazy actions - like when she actually went to buy 2 cans of Coke when I said I craved for it last week. She was like - "Aiya, if drinking Coke will kill you, then it would be the latest method in suicide la". And so I took a mouthful of it. Bliss.

Somehow, things without my mum are different. Hope the days go by quickly, I really want to get out of this confinement and go back to my mum's ...


WSL said...

you are doing great la. about the cooking..try using some seasoning..u know..soy sause, salt, ginger, u know those thgs..that u nvr use :)

Busy Bee said...

haha ... got la, just don't use as much only. anyway, just cooked, not the best i must say, but better than i thought i can ;) will see how tomorrow goes.