Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Eventful Saturday

On Saturday, I went for my routine gynae check-up with Ryan in tow. As usual, Saturdays are "bad traffic" days as there will be many many patients waiting. To kill 2 birds with one stone, I had gotten an appointment with the orthopaedic for my fingers aches.

With my gynae, Ryan was very excited to go because he was convinced that he was going to see his baby sister on that day. When the doctor put the tool (I cannot remember what it is called) on my tummy, we could hear the heart beat very clearly. Ryan was happy to hear it and was beaming all over his cute little face. But then he left the doc's office with a disappointment - his sister is not ready to come yet.

The visit to the orthopaedic was a little different because the doc had to administed a steroid jab into my fingers. Ryan was looking at me, looking out for signs of pain/ discomfot. In the end, everything went well, but Ryan was concerned with the blood that came out of my fingers. He kept asking if I was in pain.

Next on the list was a visit to Delicious at the Marc Service Residence. I figured that since Ryan had been so good, I would reward him with his cupcakes that he has been asking for. Also, that place is a little quiet, so I can live with it.

The lunch was good, we had pasta, cupcakes and hash browns. We also ordered water and a strawberry milkshake. I thought that even if Ryan does not end up with all the cupcakes, the shake and the hash brown could at least fill his tummy.

The pleasant thing was that Ryan DID manage to finish all 3 cupcakes, one hash brown and a third of my pasta. He even down a glass of water and half the shake. Lesson learnt: I can no longer afford to just order for one and have him share with me. I have to order for 2 and then sees him eating more than his share. And they say kids are not expensive ....

After filling our tummies, we were going to head home and sleep. This is where the "eventful" starts to kick in - my car battery went flat. And I mean really flat - not even a single sound was heard. All the lights went dead, even the car alarm did not work.

I was in a state of panic, I really hate these sorts of incidences. I called my hubby, then my brother, then some friends. In the end, I figured that the auto assist made more sense, after all, the services charges were borne by them, I only had to pay for the battery.

The horrible thing was that it was going to be another hour to wait before they get here. And seeing that I had no choice, I agreed. The wait itself was also eventful as I had to deal with a hyper kid running around the lobby, then my own body who was dying to lay down and sleep. Soon after, it began to rain and then Ryan had to poop and then he had to pee etc. When he finally settled himself, the mechanic came.

It took him about 10 mins to get the bonnet opened and figure where things were. Then another 10 mins to conclude that my battery is really flat beyond any jump start chance. He then proceeded to change the battery, this took like another 15mins. All these while, I must say that Ryan was very well behaved despite being so late in the afternoon and all the discomfort we were facing. Finally, all was done. It was already 2 hours since this ordeal started.

We drove out on the street - and it was jammed. Really jammed at 4.30pm - why do people automatically slow down when there is rain??? We got home at about 5pm, tired, worn out, agitated, looking forward to a clean bath. Ryan fell asleep soon after while I pondered over the happenings of the whole day.

I was still feeling tired, but could not sleep. Rain continued and it was all dark and gloomy. I am glad that Ryan was well behaved the entire day, I was glad that I had been well fed before the battery died on me, I was glad that it had happened in a nice basement instead of the car park at the hospital, I was thankful that there was an ATM machine in the lobby so I had no problems in paying the mechanic. I was thankful that the auto assist came on time, that he was patient and that he had to go through the rain in his raincoat on his bike to come to me.

In the end, I think the main lesson was that although some things do happen to us in the most unexpected way, if we look hard enough, there are always things that we can be thankful about.


WSL said...

ha ha..looks like 'these things' not only happen tome and banana kia :D really does make me feel better :DD really is the yr end blues isn't it.

yea..good to look at the positive sides of things!

Busy Bee said...

Ya lo, this can be so irritating, but I try to look on the positive side ....

Anonymous said...

i think you can claim your battery cost from Honda. This happened to me when my car was slightly more than 1 year.