Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things Ryan cares about

There are some things which Ryan say which are very funny. I have termed them as things he cares about simply because he keeps talking about it:

1) Whether his poo poo is going to be hard or soft when he is eating certain kind of food. He dreads getting hard poo, so this is his main question whenever he eats something.

2) Whether he/ the sister is growing well.

3) Whether watching TV/ computer will spoil his "beautiful eyes" - that is how he has termed it.

4) Whether his milk bottle has remnants of milk powder - he hates it. I used to love it when I was young, wonder why he has that reaction.

5) Whether the Halloween ball (this is a small soft toys which has some scary Halloween face on it) will become bigger (because I told him he has to behave, else this ball will become big).

6) Whether today is a school day or not.

7) Whether it is sleep/ nap time.

8) Whether his mouth will have worms/ bacteria after eating ice-cream/ chocolates etc.

9) Whether his food contains animals.

10) Whether he is a big ko-ko or not.

For each of these situations, his actions will depend on the answers provided. Most times it is funny how he reacts but I am happy with these few things that he is particular about. He has come a long way since he was a baby. I am looking forward to many more days of his development.

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