Friday, December 26, 2008

Books reading and stories telling

I have started to read to Ryan before he sleeps at night for a while now.

Before, it is usually I who will pick the book and he will see it together with me. Now, he is the one who will choose the books from the study room and then tell me which ones he wants. There are rhymes books, dinosaur books, games books, sticker books etc. It is amazing that he has more books than I used to have when I was a child. The thing is, I cannot stop buying them because these books also fascinate me!

Lately, Ryan has been asking for me to TELL him stories. And this means I have to spin something out. He will tell me what stories he wants to listen to. For example, these 2 nights has been stories about "Dogs". Yup, so I have to think about stories which has both moral values attached to it and some new words/ concepts that will help him learn more about the world around us. I must admit, it is no easy task, I am really lousy in this. Most times, I just ramble along, hoping that it makes sense to him.

Sometimes, Ryan will stop me and asks some questions. Sometimes he will ask me to re-pronounce the words, because I was slurring - I was sleepy ma ... and sometimes he will frown as he thinks about what I say. Nett, nett, it is a little stressful for me.

But all said and done, I am happy that he has gotten to this stage. It is very satisfying to know that the child is able to understand you and that he is able to question you too. Of course, I also get agitated at times, but then, I still love it.

Have you ever heard of the dog called Spot, who help recovered an old lady's stolen handbag and then got a medal from the police on his bravery? That was the story told just now before his afternoon nap time.

Wonder what tonight's topic is about ...

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Penny said...

Hahaha...the slurring part was funny. See, story-telling needs full time attention or you will be frowned upon! :P