Monday, December 8, 2008

Of spots and sorts

Yesterday, my parents were down in KL for some shopping. We had a good dinner at the newly opened Food Garden at The Gardens - relatively cheap and filling.

We then proceed to Isetan as hubby had wanted me to buy him a wallet. According to him, it is considered to be good luck for a pregnant lady to buy wallets for family members. Just to save me the need to walk up and down again, I had my parents down so that they too can buy their wallets. We ended up buying 3 wallets for hubby and one for my dad.

Mum was happy not to have any seeing that she still has 6 in her stock. So, she helped take care of Ryan while I went round paying the bills. Mum said that he was naming her all the main characters in the Madagascar and he was going on and on about it.

Hubby got me a perfume from Estee as a Christmas gift - I had originally wanted 5 lipsticks in a set, but I think this was much better.

We then went home and stopped at a mini market to buy some food - I was already hungry by then. Traffic had been slow when exiting Mid Valley, that did not help to the fact that my stomach was growling.

While dad and hubby went to get food, Ryan was talking to mum. Mum had asked "Poh Poh pretty or not?" Ryan was quick to answer "No." When probed with a "Why", he responded by saying "You, see, you got spots on your face!" I could not help but burst out laughing. I know, it is not funny to have him say that, but my mum also thought it was funny.

And guess, where he got that from?? Madagascar!!!

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Penny said...

I'll keep in mind to buy wallets for the family when #2 comes along!