Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hitting the malls

I had thought that one of the things I would like to do before I go back to work is to hit all the major malls in town. Some of the malls I thought of are:

1 Utama
Bangsar Village
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Sunway Pyramid
Mid Valley
The newly opened Tropicana Mall
The Curve/ Ikano/ Ikea

I managed to cover 1 Utama on Monday and Bangsar Village on Tuesday. I thought I can cover Sunway today and tomorrow, but then I had to go fetch Ryan. So much for my malls coverage now ... don't think Ryan will be able to get on his regular ride next week and so, my aim to cover the major malls are dashed : (

The funny thing that took place when I went to the 2 malls is that I did not feel the urge to buy anything! All I ended up with were stuff for my kids and a pair of shorts which I badly needed to replace.

If this keeps up, I am going to be a little depressed when I continue to visit these malls ... I really wanted to buy something, but the urge is not there ... wonder why leh?


Kiasu Mom said...

This is common I think :-)

Right after I had Hayley I didnt buy anything for myself for almost 9 mths. Everytime we go shopping we're getting baby stuff. I too forced myself to buy a pair of sandals once. Didn't really like it but just wanted to buy something so 'cincai' bought an item.. haha

The other reason why I wasn't buying anything for myself is because I was afraid that my body is not back to the 'actual' shape yet. I am not sure if I will gain or lose more weight so wanted to wait it out and shop only when I am sure.

Busy Bee said...

Haha ... that waiting part is indeed true. The other day I bought some tops which can hide my tummy without adding weight on other parts of the body!!

And I also bought some shorts which are fitting, so I have to force myself to slim down so that I do not waste them ; )

Penny said...

Haha, so did you get to hit the remaining malls over the weekend? The sales are now on, you might as well hit as many as you can before you have to spend 8 hours or more at the office instead of shopping! ;)