Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January 2009 in review

I got this idea from WSL's blog. She made a comment saying that 12 months in 2008 flew by so quickly that she will attempt to keep a monthly review of the months in 2009. Being a mother to 2 now, sometimes my memory also fails me and so I thought that I should attempt this too.

So what happened in January 2009 for me?

... We had a wonderful New Year's celebration at home with chips and drinks and cheese cake, watching Fantastic Four while waiting for the fireworks.

... I cleaned the house from top to bottom, nesting instinct in full swing.

... I prepared Ryan for the arrival of Megan and the fact that I will be in hospital for a few days.

... I attended Ryan's orientation session in school and got myself stressed with his activities.

... Ryan started his Year 4 term and I am so proud of him. He is growing up so fast! Both of us sent him to his first day of school.

... We had animals in the family. I am Mama Dinosaur, there is Papa Dinosaur and Baby Dinosaur.

... We celebrated the arrival of Megan a night before with dinner at Tea for Two. It was wonderful as the place was quiet and we had a good meal with a whole jug of Sangria!!

... Megan arrived on 9th January 2009, at 3.92kg. She looks more and more like her big kor-kor as the days go by.

... WSL, JH, CC and Mag came for a visit after the first week. It was a fun afternoon. 2 childhood friends came by as well. It is always a good things to see good friends, makes life feel good.

... Mum was here for the week after Megan arrived to help with the confinement phase. She left me with good preparations and a smile.

... Gynae and ped visits for me and Megan. Thankfully each of the visits assured me that all was ok.

... Completed all 3 seasons of Prison Break and seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond.

... Celebrated CNY at home since confinement ladies are not allowed anywhere!!

... Completed one book - What to expect when you are expecting. Still behind goal.

... Megan turned 3 weeks old : )

Wow, quite a bit took place huh?

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