Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ryan's language development

I have always been impressed with Ryan's language capabilities. True, he does not speak Cantonese, but he is able to speak Hakka, apart from English, very well. And his Hakka is only to his nanny, nobody else.

Ever since he was a baby, we have been speaking to him in Cantonese at home but somehow, he chose to converse in English to us and not Cantonese. However, he does understand the language and so, there is no chance in us bad mouthing him in it.

When he started school, his English vocab improved a lot and I am constantly amazed by the words that he uses - some, I did not even know till I was in primary school!! However, lately, he has been using words/ phrases that I do not approve of for a 4 year-old.

Words like "Hey, that's my ..." or "I am NOT your friend" or "Stupid" etc. It makes me feel really like smacking him at times. But because his friends uses them, he thinks that it is ok. Hmmm ... I think I'd better go have a chat with the teacher to see how we can tackle this problem. Although I tell him it is wrong, he will tell me that his friends also talk like that.

Any ideas on how to deal with this?

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WSL said...

mom oso talk like tat :p