Thursday, February 12, 2009

Megan's cries brings back memories

When I was a baby, I used to be my mum's worst nightmares.

I would wake up and cry when people usually sleep and I will sleep when people usually get up to work. And my cries were usually insistent and persistent. My mum would put me on the table and just watch me cry, sometimes she joins me too. There was no way to determine why I was like that. Doctors said that it would be good for my lungs.

On some occasions, my mum was taking care of Megan when I was out/ running errands etc. She would insist on being carried, otherwise she would be crying her lungs out. She would also kick up a fuss when her nappies are wet or when she has pooped. And her cries brought back memories to my mum. She said I had the same loud, screaming and continuous cry .... athough my mum did say that I seemed to have bigger lungs and so, louder and longer than Megan.

The strange thing is that with Megan, once I step into the house, she would stop being fussy and would willingly sleep on the bed without a single sound. My mum says it is because she can smell me and be comforted in knowing that I am around. Apparently this did not work on me when I was a baby .... my mum was a little worried that my brother will turn out to be like me when she was pregnant with him. Thank goodness he slept through everything, so long as his tummy was full!


Kiasu Mom said...

My sister and her sis in law had babies around the same time. One night, her sis in law went out for dinner and asked the parents to look after the baby. After sometime the baby started crying. The dad held her, then the mom, then the maid and the baby continued to cry. My sis then took over and she kept quiet. I am not sure if she recognised the smell of the mom or the smell of the breast milk as both are still breast feeding - LOL

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - Haha, that must be really frustrating for them!! I think it's the mummy smell ... wonder if there is money to be made if there is a perfume called "My mummy's scent"!!!