Monday, February 16, 2009

Ryan's development in school

I have always been very happy with Ryan's development in school. However, I noticed that there is something different with him - both at home and in school.

I sent him to school this morning and decided to have a chat with his teacher. Sure enough, she confirmed my hunch and said that lately Ryan has been less focused and does not do as he is told. My heart broke knowing that this is happening to him. His teacher said that the baby's arrival could have an impact on him and thus, in his own way of seeking attention, he will do this.

I suddenly feel like I am to be blamed for making him feel alienated and needing to seek our attention. I really felt sad. When I got home, I started to tear and hubby was like "Aiyo, what is the matter ah??" But his take was that we have to make sure that Ryan is aware of where he needs to toe the line and not so much on the possibility that Megan's arrival prompted him to act this way.

Sigh, I guess that nobody but the mother would feel like I do. And I have to exercise more patience so that Ryan knows that he is well cared for and loved and that he does not need to misbehave in order to get our attention.

Darling Ryan, mummy is sorry for losing my patience at times. But this does not mean that mummy loves you any lesser. Mummy loves you more and more each day, hope you know this too ...

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