Monday, February 16, 2009

Something is up my nose

When I was small, I used to stuff biji saga up my nose. My mum, the panic person that she is, would turn me upside down and pat me so hard that the little red seeds would fall out. This to me is really funny ... I would imagine my mum doing it and then I will be laughing about it.

Just now, Ryan was sitting in the toilet doing his big business and when he was done, he told me this "Mummy, just now the toilet paper went up my nose. I cannot sneeze it out." I thought he was joking because I could not see the paper up his nose. And so, I ignored him. Then, he repeated it again, this time, his voice sounded like a plea ... it must have been very uncomfortable for him.

Remembering what my mum did, I calmly closed Ryan's left nostril and asked him to sneezed his right one .... and lo and behold, out came a piece of paper!!! And it came straight at my face!!!

My mum was with me and she gave me this look as it to say, like mother like son .... I am still laughing ...

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