Friday, February 13, 2009

Our news

Since the last election, I have been reading less of the main stream media (MSM). It's not that there are no news, it's just that the news are so ridiculous and embarrasing even. Every other day you will read about what some policy maker said/ did but then it will be openly challenged by their own people, or there will be some cop who will say something (like there is only 1 cop for 800 people in KL, so we are short handed blah blah blah, some stupid excuse for their incompetencies) that will only highlight their stupidity etc. Nett nett, I have pretty much given up on the MSM. If I ever buy the newspapers, it is only to read up on the latest joke in Malaysia.

Today, I happened to read the online version of The Star and what do you know, this made it to the news - "Abdullah trapped in lift for 30 mins". Yeah, something like this made it to the news. And it is not like his 30 mins made a difference to the lives of other people. He was just fashionably late for some event which, again, does not make much difference to the majority of the people.

Ahh .... one just need to pay RM1.20 to read about all the jokes that we have in the country, sure beat the money you have to pay to watch a stand-up comedian!!!

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WSL said...

really ah..i didnt even see that piece of news..i hv trained my eyes to ignore all coverage related to ...