Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teaching Ryan all about choices and consequences

We have been practising giving Ryan choices for a while now. Most of the time, it involves little things and the choices are usually A or B. So, he will get things like do you want to drink Milo or milk? Do you want rice or noodles. Most of the time, the choices are things which I am ok with and it is a matter of teaching Ryan how to choose.

Lately, he has been watching a lot of TV at nanny's and I limit him at home. Just now, he wanted to watch his Donald Duck CD and I gave him a choice of watching CD and reading a book before bed. He chose TV obviously.

When it came to bedtime, he was crying out for his book and I had to teach him the consequences of choosing his TV over this. His cries were breaking my heart but I know that teaching him now will benefit all of us later. So I stuck to not giving in.

I know he is sad and he probably thinks I am mean, but if I can teach him from young all about making choices and the consequences to it, I think it is worth him hating me for a while.

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