Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's workout

I had been itching to go to the gym since Friday but did not manage to. Last night I had this grand idea that I will be hitting the gym early in the morning before the kids get up - no such luck as I was up late last night watching a DVD with hubby.

So, when I finally managed to put Ryan to nap and Megan well fed, I left hubby with the kids and I went to get my 600 calories workout. I did the Wave and clocked 500 cals in 31 mins. Still behind my target. But the good thing this time is that I do not feel the after effects as much. Guess my body is finally getting it.

I also managed to squeeze in some chest pumps before I left to be home in time for Ryan to wake up. I hate it when he wakes up and find that I am missing, makes him teary each time.

It is indeed rare that I get to hit the gym on a Sunday, it is even rarer to have my kids and hubby all behaving well when I got home after my workout! Hmm ... I may even think to have this routine every Sunday!

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