Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Online photo printing services

You will not believe the number of photos I have of Ryan, both printed and those not printed. I have to dedicate a hard drive just to store his photos, and now I have Megan ... the number of photos will just double!

But I am one of those lazy mums who dread to think about what I need to do just to have these photos printed. Typically, I would need to figure out which to print, how many copies of each photo to print, saving it to a thumb drive and then shop around for the best deals. On average, I have about 200 pcs to print and saving a few cents on each copy will save me quite a bit when all is added up. After that, I'd have to drop off the order and then come back to collect my prints.

Now, isn't that a load of work?? Then, I learned about an online photo printing website called eoe Online. They are an online photo portal which offers good rates for 4R and 5R prints. Their 4R is going for RM0.30 and 5R going for RM0.50 per piece. Now, isn't that a good deal? Not only that, for orders above RM35, your photos will be delivered for free!! Yay!!! All my barriers to print photos of my babies are solved!!

Besides this online printing, they also provide reviews and comparisons of cameras as well as video cameras and even MP3 and MP4 players. There are also activities like photo competition, photo gallery and photo dedication which can all be done on this website.

At the moment, this website is running an offer for bloggers. All you need to do is to review eoe Online and get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints for Free! You can read more about it here. And I am so happy something like this is here in Malaysia. Apparently it is already quite popular in the Us and the UK.

I am getting my photos right now, why don't you do the same too?


Jane said...

This is cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

Busy Bee said...

Jane - yup, i think it is cool too! Try it, going to the photo shop will be a thing of the past!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool. Finally, I can send my babies' photos for printing.

Canvas Print said...

Cool! Thanks for the link.