Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ryan's 4th birthday in school

About this time 4 years ago, I was ready to kill anyone who came near me or anyone who dare say "Relax, take it easy". Really. It was at about this time that I was in so much pain that I cannot find my voice to scream nor could I cry.

4 years on and my little boy is not little anymore. He is a pre-schooler who is just as lovable, but occasionally gets on my nerves. He is so active now, it takes all of my energy to keep up with him. And today, we celebrated his birthday one day earlier in school. Last year, we did it on the actual day but this year, they are going to the zoo tomorrow as part of their excursion program.

It was a simple affair with cupcakes being the main attraction. Last year, it was just a chocolate cupcake and the kids licked the chocolate off and dumped the cake. So, this year, I figured, we have to make the cakes more attractive and so, the cupcakes below came about. (I think it is a little small) but on each cupcake, there is a cartoon of Mickey and his gang or of Winnie and her gang.

The kids were so excited that they each chose a character and ate it whole heartedly. I had anticipated that they would not be able to down more than one but then some had 2 helpings and were asking for more!!

After all the mess and the song session, we ended the brief affair with party packs. I was mindful not to give sweets and chocolates and so the party packs look like below.

It was good to see that Ryan enjoyed his birthday with his friends. He had earlier asked me for a party at home with his friends, but I said no - because I did not need the mess nor do I want to set expectations. He was a little sad about it, but he seemed to be happy with today's little party.
Tomorrow he will be going to the zoo (I smile thinking about the birthday song associated with the zoo ; )) and then I will bring him home with me. I plan to spend the whole day spoiling him ; ) Looking forward to more years to come!

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