Sunday, March 29, 2009

What goes around comes around

For a while now, I have been giving Ryan choices, either A or B, either C or D. This was supposedly to help him understand consequences and also for him to be more co-operative when asked to do certain things.

But I am also guilty of using this tactic to give him ultimatums. Things like either you put it into the toy box or I am going to put it into the dustbin. Needless to say, sometimes it gets onto Ryan's nerves and he will scream at me!

Today, while in my brother's car, Ryan was as usual talking so much that I said that I will throw him out of the car if he does not stop talking (I know, I should not do that, but it was really too much!) and so, this is what he said to me ....

Mummy: Stop talking la, else I will throw you out of the car.
Ryan: If you throw me out of the car, I am not your son, you choose.
Mummy: *gasps*
Ryan: Go on, you choose. If you throw me out, I am not your son, you choose.
Mummy: *gasps* even more .... while my mum was laughing in the background.

Sigh, what goes around comes around I guess. It was really funny for us to hear Ryan talk like this, but of course it should not be encouraged, which then led me to think about my approach .... motherhood is not easy at all!!

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WSL said...

enjoy..before they start fighting :)