Sunday, March 1, 2009

Megan's outing to the park

Today marks another milestone in Megan's baby life - she went to the park!! Yup, barely 2 months and she has gone to smell the fresh air and hear the birds chirping. Of course, she also had her meal under the trees with the light breeze. It was great.

We woke up and decided that we should be going to the park to burn some of the excess energy the kids have. It was almost 10am when we left and when we got there, the sun was already burning. But this did not stop us. Ryan got on his bike and we strapped Megan to the stroller and off we go.

Ryan had a little accident when his daddy accidentally pushed him a little too hard and he fell off his bike. To help him overcome the shock, his daddy brought him to the stream and that was enough to stop the cries.

I pushed Megan around the park and I can see that she was taking in all the sights and sounds well. The light breeze provided some comfort against the hot sun. We forgot to bring the shed, thankfully, Megan did not kick up a fuss.

Megan only started to fuss at the end of the walk and I was rummaging in Ryan's Bob the builder bag when I discovered that hubby had brought Ryan's diapers but not Megan's!!! Earlier I had asked him to bring 2 pieces of diapers. I assumed that he knew it was for Megan since Ryan was not wearing them when he was dressed. Imagine my face when he said "Oh, I thought you asked me to bring Ryan's diapers, you did not say it was for Megan." I was too tickled to be mad at him, so we just head home.

It was a whole new experience for me bringing the kids out to the park. Hubby was great as a support despite the diaper blunder. I must remember to be specific next time.


Penny said...

So soon and she's out taking in the sights of the world! I remember being told not to take my then newborn out too much instead he catches this and that and falls sick...but I see so many tiny babies out at malls these days!

Busy Bee said...

Haha ... I did not really believe in that anyway. I think better they be exposed and get sick now than when they are older and more mah fan. Moreover, she is now properly immunized by mummy's milk!!

Kiasu Mom said...

Penny, so agree with you. I was told specifically NOT TO bring her out late in the evening or at night.

Busy Bee, you sure mummy's milk will help or not? Hayley has mummy's milk up till 8 mths old but she was sick very often (when around 5 - 6 mths). My friend's baby on formula also sick around the same time and she teased me saying my factory low quality.. haha

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - No la, it has nothing to do with your quality. Mummy's milk is always the best!!

But when they start on solids, they can get sick more frequently because they are substituting milk and sometimes that makes their immune system a little lower.

Once they adjust, things will be ok.