Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strong Ryan

Yesterday we came back to my parents' house. It was late and the kids were in the car - one sleeping and the other one non-stop talking.

Upon reaching the house, Ryan got off the car and ran into the house. We were fussing around a bit with Megan and we suddenly realised Ryan was not around anymore. Mum went into the house and saw that he was on the exercise machine.

Mum was a little shocked because she had put a sack of 5kg rice on top of the machine and now it has disappeared. Ryan then told my mum that he had carried it to the stove top. 5kg of rice and he had carried it across the kitchen!!! Wow, isn't he a strong boy??

Now I must be careful, he might decide that he is strong enough to lift his sister one day!


Kiasu Mom said...

Aiyoh, you better keep a close watch. My niece who is 4 often unintentionally hurt the little sister who is 1. Poor girl.

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - Sigh, I know. I always have to keep an eye on them. Hopefully, Megan grows up quickly and is able to defend herself!!