Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How much are you willing to spend on a handbag?

I went handbag shopping just now after work. I have not been shopping for one for a while now. But my current one is already giving way and I thought, why not.

I must admit that I am one of those who is very rough with bags. And so, I cannot afford to buy expensive ones only to be scratched by me later, very heartache. I usually go through 2-4 bags in a year, depending on how tough they are.

Lately, I have begun to explore with raw leather. And I like the fact that it is not smooth and therefore minimizing the chances of scratching it. I only use the shiny ones for work. And because my raw one is still in good condition, I went looking for a shiny one and found one : ) in under 30 minutes. Yay!

I don't have a camera with me, but it is a medium sized one, white with short straps. It also has gold buckles and zips, making it look good and easy to match with my clothes. But I know I will scratch the buckles in no time and for sure white is easily stained.

Sigh, I will see how long I can upkeep it ... in these trying times, every cent count and making a bag last longer will help me with that goal ; )

And btw, how much are you willing to spend on a handbag? I have never gone beyond RM300, that also only once. I know, some friends call me "kiam siap" (translated as frugal?)


Penny said...

I'm quite extreme, and you may even think I'm weird. Sometimes my budget is only RM50 but at some points, I've spent 4-digit amount on a bag. I can't explain it...just a girl thing?! But definitely no more luxury bags like that for me! I think if you go through so many bags a year, spending less than RM300 on each seems fine. I'll help you keep track on how long the bag lasts you. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

What a co-incidence! I oso have the RM300 limit for handbag as I always scratch my handbag too. But I only change it once a year. :)

Kiasu Mom said...

I have bags ranging from RM50 - RM300. My most extreme is a Coach which I got from hubby for my birthday. That was the most extreme for me. Didnt use it initially (heart pain ma) but after a while got used to it. But I am not someone who will buy expensive bags all the time. 1 or 2 bags will do :-)

Anonymous said...

i think handbags are definately a girlie thing. My husband definately don't understand why i need so many handbags. Anyway, i am also quite extreme coz my budget ranges from RM10 to RM4,000 (i couldn't remember how much is the most expensive bag i bought but definately not more than RM5k).

But this year, i have made a resolution, no more new handbags... for 2009.:-)