Thursday, March 19, 2009

Megan and 6-in-1 jab

On Monday, we went to get Megan her first jab, besides the ones she got from the hospital. We weighed her and she is a thriving 6.4kg baby and the doctor was impressed. Ah ... the wonders of a mother's milk.

When our turn came, I was a little worried about how Megan would react to her little bum being injected. The doctor asked me to breastfeed Megan so that the pain of the needle would be minimal. And so I did.

When the shot came, Megan paused for a while and she looked up at me. I was afraid this was the pause before the loud screams .... turns out, it was just a pause ... and then she went back to her feeding. No noise made, no cries and certainly no screams!! Wow! Talk about a tough little baby! And the next day, no fever came too. Boy, was I relieved. Sweet little Megan, she sure is tougher than she looks!

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