Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First day back at work

Going back to work today was easier than expected for me. I had thought I would have been dead tired and lethargic and constantly dozing off, but none of that happened.

But to be fair, I was not doing much since my laptop got logged out of the system due to my long absence. Most of the day was spent catching up with colleagues and boss as well as pumping my milk for Megan.

Before I know it, it was evening. I only managed to log in at about 6pm and the system was downloading my many mails. It was quite horrifying to see all those mails coming in, with warnings of mailbox exceeding its limits!

I left early for dinner with my ex-boss and ex-colleagus before heading home to see my kids. It was such a beautiful sight to be greeted by a happy pre-schooler and a sleeping baby. All is good and calm. I look forward to more beautiful days like these.

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