Friday, March 27, 2009

How I maintain my peace ....

There are a couple of people who are key to me in maintaining my peace throughout the day - the nanny and the helper.

I need the nanny to ensure that my kids are well cared for and are clean. I also need to know that they are safe. Of course there are times when she also annoys me, but largely, she has been invaluable to me.

And then there is the helper who is so so key in helping me keep my house a home. All the cleaning and tidying that takes place everyday, not to mention the ironing. I really hate that! But she does it so well and I am always more relaxed when I come home to a clean house.

But today, my world went into a spinning motion. First, the helper called me at 7am and said today she can't come - she is sick. And I managed to work up a whole sinkful of dishes already,damn. Luckily,hubby helped in this respect. Then I discovered Ryan does not have a pair of ironed pants for school, poor boy had to wear wrinkled pants.

And then at 6pm, while pumping milk, nanny called and said that she was sick too!! And so, I had to dash home to cook and bathe before going to fetch my kids. But then, I worry that nanny might be sick tomorrow too, so I took her to the doctor's so that she will be able to be up and running.

Sigh, all these things have made me really really tired. I am just hoping that they both will be ok tomorrow so that my world has some form of familiarity and stability again. And they say only babies need familiarity and stability ..... guess we all need it to feel safe and secure so that we can function properly.

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