Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Sigh, I have been sick since the last 2 days - stomach upsets, fever, bone aches etc. The doctor said it is probably something I picked up from the air and not something I ate since I was having home cooked food all weekend.

This morning, my situation got worst and I had the worst of stomach aches. I was bending over the toilet bowl, ready to vomit and Ryan came running up and started to pat me on my back. He has his worried look on his face. Before that, he sat on the bed and looked at me, telling me to "Breathe mummy, breathe." He was huffing and puffing, seeing that I had the look of a terrible pain. He was being ever so sweet.

After sending the kids to nanny's, hubby sent me to the doctor's. It was confirmed that I had food poisoning, not actually by eating the food, but likely I inhaled something with a bug in it. I was thinking that it was good that only I had it and the kids are spared.

Then in the evening, nanny called and said that Ryan has fever and was vomiting. I was very troubled by that. I hate it when Ryan gets sick. It makes me very nervous, not knowing what to expect and all.

All the way to the clinic, Ryan was telling me that his stomach was aching and that he wanted water - he was dehydrated after all the vomiting I guess. Upon reaching the clinic, he started to vomit again. But despite all this, he still insisted that he walks instead of me carrying him.

The doctor gave him 4 different types of medication and he took them without a fuss. He started acting normal after that but his face was reddish and his lips looked like he had stole my lipstick! I gave him a pail in case he vomits again. He even downed a plate of porridge.

All was fine till about 10pm, when he vomited again. Sigh, I would be willing to undergo his suffering as long as he gets better. But again, he was brave and he even asked to go to sleep without a fuss. I think the poor boy was tired with all the vomiting and medication.

We decided to let Megan stay over at nanny's so that we can concentrate on Ryan and his well being. I miss her terribly but then this is better than the risk taken with her here. And I hope Ryan gets back on his feet tomorrow. And no more pasar malams for us in the near future!!


WSL said...

ai ya..why is everyone sick. hope both u and ryan will get well soon.

JH said...

Take care & get well soon !