Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talcum powder and cancer

I have been using talcum powder all my life and I have never thought much about it except that I feel terribly uncomfortable if I don't use it after a bath. I also use it on my 2 kids .... till I read this today.

The Star article states that there has been links found between talcum powder usage and cancer, specifically ovarian cancer. There could be a likelihood as high as 40%! Not only that, but babies inhaling them can also have drastic health side effects. OMG! And I have been using it like nobody's business!

As an alternative, we are advised to use bedak sejuk which is made from corn flour or rice flour. Well, I am not one to be all jittery about this and so, I think I will continue to use talcum powder but I will definitely change it for my kids.

It is very scary when we use certain products all our life and then suddenly found that we have been exposing ourselves to all sorts of dangers. I am not even sure if I should be mad at the manufacturers about this. Damn, wonder what I cannot eat/ use/ do tomorrow.


Kiasu Mom said...

Agree that it's very misleading. My paed told me not to use talcum powder on my baby but a GP told me its ok to use in moderation. The only harm is if the baby inhale those powder and if you use in moderation and apply the powder away from the baby's nose, it will be ok. So who to trust now? Haiz.. But I still use it on Hayley. malaysia is a humid country. Its hard not to use powder on a baby who is 24 hrs on diaper.

Cowie said...

I used it my whole life, so are my mom and my granny. My granny is 85 this year and strong like an ox. Sometimes, I think we should read those so called "study" with a pinch of salt. I started Kyrie on talcum when she turned 1. Like Kiasu Mom said, use in moderation and apply it away from baby's nose.