Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gym in, gym out

I first went to the gym when I had Ryan. However, it was killing me just to get myself to the gym. I ended up paying for 12 months and going less than 10 times. What a waste I thought, and so cancelled the membership.

Then when I came to my present job, we had a corporate rate for joining the gym. Good rates for a passport membership too. Being a sucker for discounts, I joined again. This time, I was determined not to waste it, but of course there are times I slacked ...

Anyway, that was close to 2 years ago and apart from my second and third trimester, I have been going to the gym religiously. I like 2 things most - the Wave machine and Body Combat. Both involves total body workout, both make me sweat heaps, both burn enough calories to enable me to eat all my favourite food without feeling guilty, most of all, both are enjoyable to me.

Today marks my second Body Combat class after I delivered Megan. It was a little tough to catch up, but then I guess practice makes perfect. And I worked up such a sweat, it makes my body feel fresh, I don't know how to describe it honestly, but it is great.

Apart from the machine, I also got myselft a Personal Trainer. She specializes in pre and post natal exercises and she has been helping me in getting my body back in shape. These sessions are great in making all the muscles work, muscles you did not know you have!!

Anyway, just wanted to put this in my blog so that I have a written record on how hardworking I am!

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wendy said...

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