Thursday, April 16, 2009

More conversations with Ryan

Last night while putting Ryan to sleep, he told me that his teacher had put him into a corner. I asked him why ...

Me: Why did Mrs. Tan put you in a corner?
Ryan: Because I hit Mxxx's head.
Me: What?!
Ryan: No, no, because I massage Mxxx's head.

See, he changed the situation so quickly, from hitting to massaging, making him the innocent one!!

Then this morning, while I was sending him to the school, I gave him a pair of sunglasses to wear seeing that it was quite sunny. It was a small framed one which (I thought) looked quite cute (on me). He said this to me ...

Ryan: Mum, is this your sunglasses?
Me: Yes, it is.
Ryan: But how can you wear it? It's too small!
Me: Grrrr .... yes la, it's mine.
Ryan: No, it's too small.

Grrr ..... telling me it is too small wor for me!!

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