Monday, April 6, 2009

We bought a house!!

Today is a very happy day for us in the family - we finally bought our landed house to fit the needs of our growing family.

We had actually gone to see this property since 2 years ago and then decided it was just too expensive. 2 years on, and the price has actually gone up! Thinking that it was going to be difficult to get a decent price, we stumbled upon a seller who was willing to sell it at the price we asked for.

It was quite lucky of us because when we brought the feng shui master to see the houses, he already warned us that it is possible to see all the houses and still, not able to find one good one because he had seen the place before.

However, I was convinced that that was the place to be and so, insisted that he comes and help us. We shorlisted 2 houses of which one was a better one. We negotiated for a good 2-3 weeks and finally viewed it today. After about an hour and a bit more, we wrote the cheque and became the proud owners of a wonderful 2 1/ 2 storey house.

I am so tired with all the excitement of the day, will update more later.


Penny said...

Congratulations!! :D You must be so glad and relieved at the same time that your wish list from 2 years ago is now finally in place :)

wsl said...


Kiasu Mom said...

Congrats! moving in will be very exciting :-)

WSL said...

haiii...i bet u will move in sooner than me *big rolling eyes*

Busy Bee said...

Penny - Yes, I am really really relieved that I got the house which was deemed suitable for us. The waiting period was a little nerve wrecking.

WSL - I cannot believe you did not give me a bigger reaction than this!! And what are you waiting for? Let's move in together, then we can plan the house warming party together too!

Kiasu Mom - Yes, I bet moving in will be very exciting. I am now so excited, I cannot stop smiling ; )

WSL said...

what kind of reaction u want? u've been talking abt buying a house for ages..and knowing you..I WAS SURE you will get it. no surprises there la.