Sunday, April 26, 2009

My independant 4 year old

Yesterday, Ryan said he wanted to poo poo. So, I said go and tell me when you are done.

After a while, I went to check on Ryan. To my surprise, he had already gotten off the toilet seat, washed his bum, dried it and even wore his pants right!!

I asked him to show me his buttock (in case there are still things stuck on to it ...) but it was clean!!!

Wah wah wah, I was so proud that he could do this all by himself, could not stop grinning.

Also, Ryan has stopped sleeping in my bed already and preferred his own bed instead. In the weeks since he turned 4, I think he was in my bed only once or twice.

Lately, he has also insisted that he walks up to the class on his own, although there are times he is a little clingy.

All this new found independance has made me rather proud, but also a little "empty" because it is a step closer to the days when he no longer needs me ....

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WSL said...

well done Ryan!even tis emotion-less aunty is proud of u :)